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Our Squid is hard to miss. Featuring a sweet, subtle bite, this squid is not only low in fat and saturated fatty acids, but also a source of Vitamin C. Available in Tubes, Tubes & Tentacles, Rings & Tentacles, Rings, or Calamari Strips.

  • Specifications

    Squid - Rings & Tentacles
    available in 3-5'', 5-8''

    Tubes & Tentacles
    Available 3-5''

    Squid Tubes
    Loligo, Todarodes, Illex, layer pack

    Squid Rings
    Todarodes/Illex, IQF

    Calamari Strips
    Calamari Strips are made using premium quality Humboldt squid that are wild caught in the oceans of China.

  • Cerfications

    BRC certified 

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